Insight 1

Sharing reasons of rejection enhances transparency and trust

Users begin to understand the value of credit score and how it effects their loan eligibility


of the users were unhappy with the rejection but valued the reasons offered


of the users wanted to know why their loan application was rejected


of the users felt unhappy about the waiting period of 3 days before hearing about status of their application

Insight 2

Users like being given alternate lending options and ways to improve eligibility

Shock of rejection is reduced when an alternate solution is available upfront


of the users opted for a lower loan amount offered


users found value in tips offered to improve eligibility


users understood correlation between credit scores and loan amount offered

Insight 3

Control over data despite rejection is a strong motivation for continued trust on the app

Users felt safer when the app offered them their right to privacy


of the users felt safer to delete their data after loan rejection


of the users gave the app a 10/10 because of the data deletion feature


of the users said they would not want sensitive data to fall on wrong hands