Insight 1

Users prefer products in their local language

All users felt apps were better understood in a language they conversed in


of the users chose Hindi over English as the language for the app


of the users could read English but still wanted the app to be in Hindi for better understanding


of the users could not read English at all and only knew Hindi

Insight 2

Users prefer 'spoken' language over 'literary' language

All users felt the Hindi used in apps had to be the spoken form of the language with a mix of English words


of the users could not understand literary words like 'Paatrata', 'Dastaavej'


could understand all the Hindi words but still preferred the language to be simplified


preferred English words of common usage like 'Eligibility' over literary Hindi words

Insight 3

English words need to be used with discretion

Understandability of certain English words were low among users leading to apprehension to use the app


of the users did not understand words like 'skip' and 'application'


of the users felt English words enhanced explainability but only if the word was common in 'Hinglish' as well


of the users confused 'credit' and 'application' for other usage of the same words

Insight 4

Knowledge of financial terms is low to nil among users

Users relied on additional assistance through audio-visual or verbal cues to understand financial terms


of the users could not understand terms like EMI, Credit and Average Income


of the users had prior knowledge of the loan process and therefore aware of financial terminologies


of the users opted for audio cues over text when stuck with financial terms