Insight 1

Users are not afraid to share non-sensitive personal data

Comfort of sharing personal details stems from using other social apps


of the users were not afraid to share personal details


of the users feared sharing any kind of data on a financial service app


of the users knew difference between data that was safe to share and sensitive data that could result in online frauds

Insight 2

Checking loan eligibility with minimal data inputs enhances trust on the app

Users felt at ease sharing minimum data and still getting vital eligibility information


of the users wanted to check eligibility before proceeding further


of the users felt getting an estimated loan amount made them feel more confident to share more information in next steps


felt the app was not asking for sensitive information and hence safe

Insight 3

Caution related to sharing sensitive data online is high

Most users felt uncomfortable sharing PAN and Aadhaar details online


of the users were highly uncomfortable sharing PAN and Aadhaar details


of the users shared PAN details only when assured it was dummy data being filled


of the users did not mind sharing PAN after eligibility check as they began trusting the app

Insight 4

'Right to be Forgotten' is an extremely valued feature

All users found value in their ability to delete personal data if not using the app


of the users felt safer to delete their data after loan rejection


of the users gave the app a 10/10 because of the data deletion feature


of the users said they would not want sensitive data to fall on wrong hands