Insight 1

There is a growing sense of trust around digital lending

Easy accessibility coupled with flexible loan options attracts users to apps


of the users liked that they could take loan anytime they wanted


who had never taken a loan, said they would opt for digital lending


of the users felt it was quick but still not without risks because of personal data shared

Insight 2

Users prefer apps that inform, and simplify the loan process

The step-by-step process in simple language increased explainability for all users


of the users liked the multiple loan choices offered upfront even after rejection


of the users wanted to know more about loans through the FAQs


of the users said they understood loan process better with the app

Insight 3

Fear of sharing sensitive personal data remains high

Users felt safer when the app offered them their right to privacy


of the users wanted to review ratings before sharing personal data


of the users were wary of sharing sensitive data like PAN and Aadhaar


of the users said they would use a Bank's app and not an unknown app