Insight 1

User retention increases when given freedom to choose a language

All users liked the feature that they could select a language of their choice from multiple options


of the users' first choice was Hindi


of the users said they use English apps but understandability increases in Hindi


of the users felt the app was very easy to understand because of the words used

In cheezo me ham Hindi hi rakhte hai kyunki English me kuch difficult word aate hai jo nahi samajh me aate.

Teacher, Varanasi, India
Insight 2

Transliterated words are preferred more than translations

Users preferred easy language of communication over strictly using one language


of the users liked that the language of the app was 'Hinglish' and easy to understand


of the users felt English words for financial terms were commonly known and understood


of the users felt language, audio and visual complemented each other in increasing explainability